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Whether you're involved in the financial markets as an investor or a business participant, you need immediate access to accurate market news and in-depth insight to stay on top of evolving market conditions. With reliable market news, you can more easily analyze trends, predict directions, and respond to opportunities and developments in the market. When you want the highest quality market news from a recognized worldwide leader in business financial news and information, rely on Dow Jones.

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Dow Jones is a leader in market news and business information and publishes the world's most trusted newspapers, news wires, websites, databases, magazines and other media that inform the discussion and decisions of the business and financial world. Every minute and second of every day, Dow Jones delivers the information, intelligence and analysis that personal investors, enterprises and other market participants require to stay competitive and profitable. With more than 2,100 journalists working in 58 countries and writing in more than a dozen languages, Dow Jones offers authoritative, differentiated news and information for both the consumer and the enterprise.

Round-the-clock news and in-depth market analysis for the individual and the enterprise.

Dow Jones publishes a wide variety of media that cover the entire spectrum of financial and business information, including such notable publications as:

  • The Wall Street Journal – A daily newspaper providing essential and relevant information with expert insight into the market and the economy.
  • Barron's – A weekly magazine for financial professionals, individual investors and others interested in market news and fund performance.
  • Dow Jones Energy Service – Energy-specific electronic news service covering everything from geopolitics to changes in energy policies to conventional and unconventional energy sources.
  • Dow Jones FX Select – 24/6, Real-time foreign exchange news, forex trading commentary and analysis, delivered directly to the technology tools traders prefer.
  • Dow Jones Market Beat – A daily look at investment and trading opportunities in multi-asset class trading and the use of derivatives.
  • Dow Jones Investment Banker – Focused news, data and analysis as well as professional development opportunities specifically created for investment bankers by investment bankers.
  • Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst – The premier news source of the private equity industry, offering accurate, in-depth coverage of fundraising, investment, deal financing, exits and returns as well as key executive moves.

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